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Posted on 26.11.2018

The PWM30A-Hat is an add on for the Raspberry Pi to be used in robotics or generally for controlling servos and motors in modelmaking. The aim here is to provide an easily programmable interface for the Raspberry Pi. The PWM30A-HAT is particular suitable for Crawler, 4 Wheel and 6 Wheel models. The necessary programming efforts for controlling the motor are minimized to only the I2C interface which means an easy-to-use library. The PWM30A-Hat may also be used to develop own programs via the Raspberry Pi.

Due to its powerful ATxmega128A1U the PWM30A-Hat may be alternatively used standalone. In this case the programming has to be done via the JTAG interface.

Technical Data

  • Power supply 5V/8A
    for the servo motors and the Raspberry Pi
  • In total 30 PWM outputs
    24 PWM outputs for analog resp. digital servos
    6 PWM outputs with a built in motor H-brigde
  • Controlling of  6 DC-motors or 3 stepper motors with max. 18V/ 2,5A
  • 8 IO Ports
    programmable as digital input output or as analog input 5V
  • I2C connection to Raspbery Pi
  • SPI connection to Raspberry Pi
  • The PWM30A-Hat complies with the guidelines for Raspberry Pi Hats
  • All inputs and outputs have an electronic overvoltage protection
  • Programmable via Raspberry Pi
Ing. Büro Hartl